Privacy Policy

Learning to work in the current world automatically brings with it the responsibility to protect and guide that information and use it judiciously. Since we provide a set of very specific services, our aim is to ensure that your needs are met, while also conserving our integrity and maintaining both, the privacy of our clients and our team. In this regard, there are several important facets to web/app development and marketing on the internet that govern the holistic application of our set up.

The purpose of our Privacy Policy is to detail to our clients why we collect the information we do, how we use the said information and to what extent the use of that information is governed by our team’s discretion. We understand that the importance of our work is largely contingent on the specifics of information we gather and so, we hold this information in high regard, ensuring it is known only to the minimal number of people necessary. We also believe that Intellectual Property remains one of the most essential assets in our business, and so our aim is to create a platform where information disclosed to us is both safe and credit worthy as the due may be.

  • Our primary use of information is governed by what the client shares with us, in terms of their projected need for their website and this information forms the base of our work.
  • Our research checks for any strongly similar content, ensuring that competitive bases are perused sufficiently to ensure that the development of our client’s property is stand alone, unique and correctly used.
  • The information base is then used by us to develop and improve the baseline, giving us the relevant details at various junctures.
  • We keep logs of your communication with us to ensure there is an ongoing check on how and when we addressed your specific concerns across the development meetings
  • We encourage our clients to control and adjust the kind of changes they would like to see on the page and be integral to the development process, because this in turn guides our process of personalizing your ideas.
  • With regard to our information technology techniques, we create a stiff upper lip policy. Considering that most information available to us is a matter of competence and determines the kind of products we can create, we have a need-to-know policy on matters of intricate technical development and access is restricted to our team only.
  • The information we hold is guarded and retained until the release of the final product, at the end of which, our records are modified to indicate the dates of business and only minimal specifics, making sure our clients are protected against IP Thefts

Keeping all this in mind, we are absolutely certain that our Privacy Policy not only keeps your brainchild entirely in your hands, but also keeps you safe from prying and poking eyes, that are consistently in trying to harangue you and take the next big step for you. We are absolutely secure and set in our understanding of privacy and know that your IP means a lot to you, which is why we take major steps to keep you in the loop and safe.

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